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    The world‘s fastest lightweight robot
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    MZ-Series compact robots
    A wide range for every task!
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    The compact robot MZ12
    Leads its class in speed and precision
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    The scara EZ-Series
    Minimum space maximum dynamics
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With the development of our first high-performance industrial robots in the 1960's, NACHI proved its high innovative abilities in the field of automation. Since then, NACHI has continuously increased its range of industrial robots.

Today, NACHI provides customized automation solutions with robots for all application areas. Whether loading/unloading of machine tools and injection molders or spot & seam welding in the automotive and steel construction industries, picking, packaging, and palletizing of all kinds of components, as well as positioning and assembling small components in electronics manufacturing.



A wide range for every task:
The compact 6-axis robots of the MZ-Series.

Six-axis robots of the MZ series

NACHI offers a comprehensive range of universal, flexibly applicable industrial robots. They are featured by compact design combined with wide working envelope. To ensure collision-free operation in tight spaces, their cables and hoses are run internally, and they are equipped with hollow wrists.

Thanks to high track speeds, they work extremely productively. Their high repeatability permits precise handling and exact positioning of the most varied components during loading/unloading of machine tools, when working with drills, end mills, and deburring tools, as well as when packaging products.

Lineup of the MZ series:

  • MZ01
  • MZ03 EL
  • MZ04 (MZ04D)
  • MZ07 (MZ07P; MZ07LP)
  • MZ10
  • MZ12
  • MZ25

Key facts of the MZ lineup:

  • 1 to 25kg payload
  • 350 to 1882mm max. reach
  • up to 0.02mm repeatability


  • 1kg payload
  • 350mm max. reach
  • +/- 0.02mm repeatability


  • 3,5kg payload
  • 1102mm max. reach
  • Protection rating IP67

MZ04 D

  • 4kg payload
  • 541mm max. reach
  • Protection rating IP67


  • 7kg payload
  • 723mm max. reach
  • Protection rating IP67


  • 12kg payload
  • 1454mm max. reach
  • Protection rating IP67


  • 25kg payload
  • 1882mm max. reach
  • Protection rating IP67


Slim and collaborative robot of the CZ series

Collaborative robot CZ

Allround safety, and simple cooperation between man and machine. Touch and pressure sensitive in all slim arms and joints. Easy programming by manually moving to the required positions. Perfectly suited for assembly and order-picking work. Efficient through safe design. Can be operated without safety barriers and external safety devices.

Key Facts:

  • CZ10 – 10kg payload
  • up to 1300mm reach
  • Protection class IP54
  • Certified acc. to ISO 10218-1


Leading in Asian automotive industry: Heavy load and welding robot SRA

Heavy duty and welding robot SRA

No. 1 in the Asian automotive industry. Designed for heavy spot-welding guns and roll seam welding equipment. Also suitable for transporting large components, e.g. in vehicle construction. Reliable and robust under rough conditions and in heavy continuous operation. Wide product range with numerous options and feature variations.

Key facts:

  • 100 to 250kg payload
  • 1634 to 2951mm max. reach


Innovative kinematics: Vertical lift in the first axis


Pick-and-place robot EZ

Space-saving thanks to overhead drive with vertical movement of the first axis. Requires no floor space. Highly dynamic axis movements for productive and efficient mounting and installing in electric and electronics manufacturing. Simple and collision-free programming thanks to internal cable and hose runs and hollow wrists.

Key facts:

  • Four and six-axis versions
  • 2 and 3kg payload
  • up to 550mm reach
  • up to 0.014mm repeatability